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The G8 Hokkaido Toyako Summit

Press Release

Toyako Visitor Center's website offer info in English

January 31, 2008

Toyako Visitor Center, opened in May 2007, is an information center of Lake Toya and its surrounding nature. The facility, established and operated by the Hokkaido Regional Environment Office, is currently reinforcing the language support for the increasing foreign visitors responding to the G8 Summit held in the area this summer.

As a part of the actions, the website of Toyako Visitor Center has been translated into English. The English version is now offering non-Japanese viewers the facility's information, the latest news and events, and the attractions in Lake Toya area at http://www.toyako-vc.jp/en/. The English version are also going to be produced for the website of Toya Takarada Nature Experience House, another facility of the Ministry of the Environment on the northern shore of the lake, and Volcano Science Museum housed in the building of Toyako Visitor Center. All of these websites will be cross-linked to each other upon completion for users' convenience.

Beside these websites targeted at visitors from overseas, the Hokkaido Regional Environment Office is further strengthening the language assistance for non-Japanese visitors by producing the exhibitions and national park guidebooks in foreign languages.