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The G8 Hokkaido Toyako Summit

Press Release

"The Eco Gallery" to Open in Lake Toya to Appeal Japan's Environmental Policies

April 11, 2008

The Ministry of the Environment is opening a short-term special exhibition facility in Toyako Visitor Center, a nature information facility established by the ministry in Toyako Town, the host city of the G8 Summit in 2008. In the gallery, opening on June 1, the exhibitions introduce Japan's national environment policies. In addition to the exhibitions, it will host various events and limited exhibitions.

Overview of the Eco Gallery

Targeting at visitors and tourists to Lake Toya during and around the G8 summit period, the Ministry of the Environment is opening a temporary exhibition facility of environment learning in the premise of the Toyako Visitor Center on June 1, 2008. Through to the end of August, 2008, the Eco Gallery offers visitors a variety of exhibitions, ranging from national park and nature conservation activities, global warming, biodiversity, and to 3R initiatives, in a pre-fabricated tent of 800 square meters.

Overview of the Eco Gallery

  • Location: Toyako Visitor Center (142-5, Toyako Onsen, Toyako Town, Abuta-gun, Hokkaido, Japan)
  • Phone: 0142-75-2555 (see the map for the location)
  • Facility: pre-fabricated tent of 800 square meters, wall greening of 2.5 meter high and 17 meter wide
  • Period: Sunday, June 1, 2008 to Sunday, August 31, 2008.

The environment-friendly features of the Eco Gallery includes;

  • The main tent built with recyclable materials.
  • Exhibition panels made with cardboard box. The cardboard exhibitions can be folded and moved easily, and are to be reused in other facilities or programs.
  • Wall greening. The plants used are to be reused in the local community's environmental learning.
  • The electricity required in the facility is generated by the photovoltaic power generation system.

Exhibition Themes of the Eco Gallery

From an environment learning standpoint, the Eco Gallery is designed so that anyone over age 10 are able to enjoy and understand. The latest environment technologies, related to major national environment policies, will be included in the exhibitions.

Various themes of exhibitions are currently planned, which include;

  • Global warming (impact of global warming, measures against global warming, local initiatives taken by "Team Minus 50%")
  • 3R initiatives (biomass ethanol made from scrap lumbers)
  • Biodiversity (endangered species, Satochi and Satoyama, alien species, national biodiversity strategy)
  • Nature in Japan (national parks, nature in Hokkaido)
  • Food and environment (food mileage, virtual water)
  • History of Japan's environmental pollution

Besides the regular exhibitions on the environment issues, the Eco Gallery will offer various other information such as the nature of the surrounding area, latest technologies against global warming, wall greening using vegetation in Hokkaido, among many others. Many other events, programs, special exhibitions are currently being planned and produced.

For more information regarding the Eco Gallery, please contact;

Ministry of the Environment
Nature Conservation Bureau
National Park Division
TEL:03-5521-8278 FAX:03-3595-1716

Ministry of the Environment
Hokkaido Regional Environment Office
National Park Division
TEL:011-251-8705 FAX:011-219-7072

Map of Lake Toya and Toyako Visitor Center

Map of Lake Toya and Toyako Visitor Center

the Eco Gallery's Perspective

the Eco Gallery's Perspective