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The G8 Hokkaido Toyako Summit


Toyako Visitor Center's Website Offers Information in English to the Public

January 31, 2008

Toyako Visitor Center, an information hub opened in May, 2007, is the key facility in Lake Toya region to introduce the area's nature to the public. In preparation to accommodate the expected rise in the number of foreign visitors to the area responding to the G8 summit meeting in 2008, Hokkaido Regional Environment Office is reinforcing the facility's language support for visitors from overseas.

As a part of the action, Toyako Visitor Center's website has been translated into English in order to globally transmit the information of the facility. The websites of Volcano Science Museum and Toya Takarada Nature Experience House have been also produced in English to welcome foreign visitors.

Besides these websites in English, Hokkaido Regional Environment Office has further plans to supply various other linguistic assistance to non-Japanese tourists, including production of national park guidebooks and exhibitions in the facilities in foreign languages.